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Deltek Vision Login

VPN Login


  • To login the VPN, you must first download and install the Sophos VPN client.

    • To do so, use the VPN login link above. If prompt, click the Advanced button and click Continue. This should bring you to the UserPortal page where you will enter your network username and password.

      • Your username is your first initial and last name only

      • Your password is your network password

      • You will have to verify your credentials through the Duo phone app

    • Next click the Remote Access button on the top of the page

    • Click the download link to install both the Sophos Connect client (first download link) and then the configuration file (second download link)

    • Install Sophos Connect client

  • After Sophos Connect client is installed open it and import in the configuration file

  • When prompt your username is your first initial last name and your password is always updated with your network password.

Remote Desktop Instructions

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