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Owen and White's water system experience includes both surface water plants and ground water systems. Owen and White has extensive knowledge of many underground aquifers and surface waters in the southeastern United States and has successfully engineered hundreds of projects to provide excellent finished water quality to many communities. Our staff is highly regarded in the industry. In fact, our President sits on the new Louisiana Standards Committee for drinking water.
Our engineering experience includes the development of shallow and deep wells for ground water systems with the appropriate treatment plants to ensure that water produced meets all state and federal guidelines. Wells have been developed in shallow aquifers having capacities as low as 200 gallons per minute to aquifers almost 2,500 feet deep with capacities in excess of 2,000 gallons per minute.
We have designed treatment plants with water containing iron as high as 40 ppm and carbon dioxide content in excess of 100 ppm. Other plants have been designed to lower raw water hardness and to reduce levels of other contaminants such as manganese and arsenic. One of the treatment plants has an intake structure on a barge that rises up and down with varying river levels.
We provide potable water service to industrial facilities as well and municipalities. Our successful designs of potable systems for industrial facilities facilitate regulatory compliance while minimizing cost.
Other services include hydraulic modeling and transient surge analysis using the latest modeling software. We can ensure that your water or wastewater system provides a problem-free, cost effective service to your customers.

Potable Water: Services
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