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Owen and White, Inc. excels in computer modeling of water systems. Our clients rely on us for:

  • Routine line sizing for municipal water and waste water systems

  • Master planning

  • Value Engineering

  • Solving fire-flow problems

  • Surge analysis ranging from 10,000 horsepower off-shore pumps to sewer lift stations

  • Establishing flood elevations

  • Hydraulic analysis for regional flood control projects


With hundreds of successfully built projects based on our modeling we have the proven experience to deliver reliable, cost effective solutions.

With every governmental and private entity today required to do more with less, accurate and comprehensive modeling is a vital budget tool for anyone responsible for infrastructure involving the movement of water. Properly done, comprehensive hydraulic modeling allows you to predict the life-cycle cost of your installation or planned improvements. Optimizing pipeline size and materials, tailoring pump station design to the individual circumstance and proper analysis and mitigation of hydraulic surges all result in reliable and cost effective piping systems. When it comes to open channel flow, our experience allows us to maximize the use of existing data such as LiDAR and aerial imagery, allowing you get more bang for the buck you spend on modeling.

We will host your hydraulic model, update it with new construction or demands, and provide you with as-needed modeling services, so you will always be ready to provide answers to “what if” questions.

For instance, if you are a water district that needs to serve a new development, we can work together with you in real time via an online session to model the solutions you know to be practical (for reasons such as right of way or other planned projects), rather than spend time “shot gunning” ideas that can’t be implemented. We can also provide answers to how much fire protection you can provide to residential or commercial areas.

With open channel flow modeling tools like HEC-RAS Steady or Unsteady State and XP-SWMM 2D Modeling we can help you rapidly assess flood elevations, do cost-benefit analysis for drainage improvements, analyze the impact of proposed development and more.

Hydraulic Modeling: Service
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